Transforming Your Vision: The Innovative Work of Worthington Construction

Kind Reader, Worthington Construction is a renowned construction company that has been providing exceptional services for many years. With their dedicated team of experts, they have managed to complete numerous projects with satisfaction and success. Worthington Construction is regarded as one of the top construction companies in the industry, specializing in commercial and residential projects. Their commitment to quality and professionalism set them apart from the competition, making them the preferred choice for many clients.

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The History of Worthington Construction

worthington-construction,History of Worthington Construction,

Worthington Construction has a long and successful history dating back several decades. The company was founded by John Worthington in 1964 as a small residential construction firm in Springfield, Illinois. The company started with just a handful of employees and a single focus – to provide high-quality construction services to the local community.

The Early Years

During the first few years of operation, Worthington Construction focused on building custom homes and small commercial buildings. The company quickly gained a reputation for excellence and became known for its attention to detail and exceptional customer service. As a result, the company began to grow, and in the early 1970s, it expanded its operations to include larger commercial projects.

Recent History

Today, Worthington Construction is one of the largest construction firms in the Midwest. The company has completed projects of all sizes, ranging from small residential remodels to large commercial developments. Despite its growth, however, Worthington Construction has remained true to its roots, continuing to focus on quality, customer service, and attention to detail.

The Services Offered by Worthington Construction

worthington-construction,Services Offered by Worthington Construction,

Over the years, Worthington Construction has expanded its services to include a wide range of construction-related activities. Today, the company provides a comprehensive list of services, including:

Residential Construction

Worthington Construction is a premier provider of residential construction services. The company has a long history of building high-quality custom homes, and it provides a full range of services, from design and planning to construction and finish work.

Commercial Construction

Worthington Construction is also a leader in the commercial construction industry. The company has completed numerous large-scale projects, including retail centers, office buildings, and industrial facilities.


In addition to new construction, Worthington Construction offers a comprehensive range of remodeling services. The company has experience with all types of remodeling projects, from small renovations to complete home makeovers.

Project Management

Worthington Construction provides project management services to help clients minimize risks and achieve the best possible outcomes. The company’s experienced project managers oversee all aspects of the project, from planning and design to construction and completion.


Finally, Worthington Construction offers consulting services to clients who need advice and guidance on construction-related issues. The company’s consultants are experienced professionals who can help clients navigate complex construction projects and ensure they get the results they want.

Services Offered by Worthington Construction

worthington-construction,Services Offered by Worthington Construction,

Worthington Construction offers numerous services that cater to various construction needs. Here are some of the services provided by the Worthington Construction:

1. Commercial Construction

Worthington Construction specializes in building and designing commercial buildings such as offices, retail stores, shopping centers, and hospitals. They have a team of experienced commercial contractors who ensure that projects are completed on time and within the budget.

2. Residential Construction

Worthington Construction caters to the residential construction needs of homeowners. Their residential construction services include new home construction, home additions, and custom home renovation.

3. Design-Build Services

Worthington Construction offers design-build services that allow customers to work with a team of architects, builders, and engineers to design and construct their dream homes or buildings. This approach ensures that the design is tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs, budget, and timeline.

4. Construction Management

Worthington Construction provides construction management services to ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and according to the highest quality standards. Their construction management team oversees the project from start to finish and ensures that all risks are identified, managed, and mitigated.

5. Green Building

Worthington Construction is dedicated to building energy-efficient and sustainable buildings. They have a team of green building experts who use the latest technology and design techniques to ensure that buildings conserve energy, reduce waste, and minimize their environmental impact.

6. Industrial Construction

Worthington Construction provides industrial construction services for factories, warehouses, and other industrial buildings. Their team of contractors and engineers has experience working with complex structures and large-scale projects.

7. Pre-Construction Services

Worthington Construction offers pre-construction services that allow customers to plan, budget, and schedule their construction projects effectively. Their pre-construction team works with clients to create a detailed construction plan, identify potential risks, and provide cost estimates.

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Services Offered by Worthington Construction

worthington-construction,Services Offered by Worthington Construction,

Worthington construction is a well-known construction company that offer various construction services. Customers can rely on this company to bring their dream home into life. Here are some of the services offered by Worthington Construction that customers can choose from:

Custom Homes

Worthington Construction is specialized in designing and building new custom homes. They use high-quality materials that ensure the durability of your home. They can also help you to design your dream home. All you need to do is tell them your preferences, and they will create plans to make it a reality.

Remodeling Services

If you already own a home but need some changes or upgrade, you can rely on Worthington Construction. They offer remodeling services for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and more. They use the latest technologies and designs to make sure that the transformation of your home is exactly what you want.

Commercial Construction

Worthington Construction also provides services to commercial building owners. They can help to design and build your commercial space. They offer services to build retail shops, offices, and more. Their team of experts can help to make your commercial space stunning and functional.

Consultation Services

Worthington Construction can also provide consultation services to clients who have a construction idea but unsure how to make it happen. They can provide advice on designs, materials, and budget planning. The company has a team of experts that can provide solutions to your construction needs.

Pool and Spa Services

If you are planning to build a new pool or spa, or need to renovate your existing one, Worthington Construction can help. They offer pool and spa services that can make your backyard a perfect place to relax. From design to construction, they can bring your dream pool or spa into reality.

Home Additions

Worthington Construction is specialized in home additions. If you need more space in your home but do not want to move out, they can help to create additional space. They offer services like building a new room, extending your current room, adding a second floor, and more. They will provide a high-quality addition that matches your existing home.

Land Development

Worthington Construction also assists landowners in developing their land. They offer services like site surveying, subdivision approval, zoning and planning, and more. They can help to make sure that your development project complies with construction regulations and standards.

Commercial Construction Services

worthington-construction,Commercial Construction Services,

Worthington Construction prides itself in providing top-of-the-line commercial construction services. They have a team of skilled & experienced professionals who deliver commercial projects on time and within budget. Their team specializes in designing, estimating and building a wide range of commercial projects such as retail stores, warehouses, healthcare facilities, offices, and many more.

Types of Commercial Projects

Worthington Construction has extensive experience in delivering high-quality commercial projects, including:

No Types of Commercial Projects
1 Retail stores
2 Healthcare facilities
3 Warehouses
4 Education facilities
4 Offices
5 Manufacturing facilities
6 Hospitality facilities

Our Process

Worthington Construction’s commercial construction process involves a step-by-step approach to ensure that their clients receive a customized product that fits their individual requirements while staying within budget. The entire process includes collaboration, pre-construction, construction, and closeout phases. The process involves the following:

  1. Collaboration: Worthington Construction’s team works closely with the client and all other stakeholders involved to ensure that the project meets their expectations and requirements.
  2. Pre-construction: Worthington Construction works on setting up the budget, schedule and developing the project drawing and specification.
  3. Construction: Worthington Construction’s team of professionals begins constructing the commercial project with careful attention to detail and quality control measures.
  4. Closeout: Once the commercial project is completed, Worthington Construction ensures a smooth and seamless handover of the project to the client, along with all relevant documents, warranties, and certificates.

Worthington Construction Services

worthington-construction,Worthington Construction Services,

Worthington Construction offers a range of services that cater to clients’ specific needs. Their services include:

Residential Construction

Worthington Construction specializes in building custom homes for clients. From designing to completion, the team works with the client to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration. Their expertise ranges from traditional to modern designs, ensuring that the client’s vision is translated into reality.

Commercial Construction

Worthington Construction also provides commercial construction services for various industries. They have built offices, retail accommodations, and industrial structures for clients with specific requirements. The team is familiar with the latest trends and innovations in construction, ensuring that the final output is not only functional but also attractive.

Renovation and Remodeling

In addition to new construction projects, Worthington Construction also specializes in renovation and remodeling services. Whether it’s a simple bathroom upgrade or a complete home renovation, the team ensures that every detail is taken care of, from planning to execution.

Green Building

Worthington Construction recognizes the importance of sustainable living and provides green building services to clients who want to reduce their carbon footprint. The team uses eco-friendly materials and incorporates energy-efficient solutions to maximize the building’s energy savings, resulting in cost savings for the client over the long term.

Project Management

Worthington Construction not only provides construction services but also offers project management services to clients who require assistance in managing the entire construction process. Their team of experts ensures that the project is completed within budget and on time, while maintaining the quality of the finished product.

Property Management

Worthington Construction also offers property management services to clients who are looking for a hassle-free way to manage their property. From maintenance to leasing, the team takes care of everything, ensuring that the property is managed efficiently and effectively.

Consultation and Design

Worthington Construction’s team of experts provides consultation and design services to clients who need guidance and expertise in the construction process. They work closely with the client to understand their specific needs and requirements, ensuring that the final output meets their expectations.

Experience: Worthington Construction has 40+ Years of Expertise in the Industry


Experience is key when it comes to construction projects, and that is why Worthington Construction is a leader in the industry. They have been in business for over 40 years and have developed a reputation in the industry for quality work, on-time delivery, and attention to detail. They have been involved in a wide range of construction projects, from residential homes to large-scale commercial buildings.

Residential Projects

Worthington Construction has been involved in countless residential construction projects throughout the years. They specialize in building custom homes from the ground up, but they also have experience in home renovations, additions, and remodeling. They work closely with their clients to ensure that the end result is exactly what they envisioned. Some of their residential projects include:

No Project
1 Custom homes
2 Home renovations and additions
3 Deck and patio construction

Commercial Projects

Worthington Construction is not only known for their residential projects, but also their commercial building expertise. They have experience in constructing a wide variety of commercial buildings, including medical facilities, office buildings, schools, and public buildings. Some of the commercial projects they have been involved in include:

No Project
1 Medical facilities
2 Office buildings and complexes
3 Public buildings, including libraries and community centers

Worthington Construction Reviews

worthington-construction,Worthington Construction Reviews,

Before committing to a construction company, it is important to read reviews from past clients. Worthington Construction has received a variety of reviews, both positive and negative. Let’s take a look at what people are saying about Worthington Construction.

Positive Reviews

Many clients commend Worthington Construction for their professionalism and attention to detail. They have been praised for their excellent communication and ability to complete projects on-time and within budget. Some clients have even stated that they would hire Worthington Construction again in the future.

Negative Reviews

On the other hand, some clients have expressed their dissatisfaction with Worthington Construction. Some have reported issues such as delays and poor workmanship. However, it should be noted that these negative reviews are in the minority and that Worthington Construction has responded to and addressed these issues with their clients.

Worthington Construction Awards and Recognition

worthington-construction,Worthington Construction Awards,

Worthington Construction has received recognition for their exceptional work in the construction industry. Here are some of the awards they have received:

No Award Name Year Organization
1 Contractor of the Year 2017 National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
2 Excellence in Home Design 2018 Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIASC)

These awards are a testament to Worthington Construction’s commitment to excellence and quality in their work.

FAQ about Worthington Construction

1. What types of construction services does Worthington Construction offer?

Worthington Construction offers a wide range of construction services including commercial construction, residential construction, remodeling, and renovation.

2. How long has Worthington Construction been in business?

Worthington Construction has been in business for over 20 years.

3. Does Worthington Construction provide customized construction plans?

Yes, Worthington Construction provides customized construction plans that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

4. What are the qualifications of Worthington Construction’s staff?

Worthington Construction’s staff consists of experienced and licensed architects, engineers, and contractors.

5. Is Worthington Construction licensed and insured?

Yes, Worthington Construction is licensed and insured to operate in the states where it does business.

6. How does Worthington Construction ensure the quality of its work?

Worthington Construction uses the latest construction techniques and materials to ensure the quality of its work. It also conducts regular quality checks throughout the construction process.

7. What is Worthington Construction’s warranty policy?

Worthington Construction offers a warranty on all of its construction work. The length of the warranty depends on the type of work being done.

8. Does Worthington Construction provide financing options?

No, Worthington Construction does not provide financing options. However, it can work with clients to find financing options through a third-party lender.

9. How does Worthington Construction handle change orders?

Worthington Construction handles change orders on a case-by-case basis. It is committed to ensuring that clients are satisfied with the final product.

10. What is Worthington Construction’s process for resolving conflicts?

Worthington Construction’s process for resolving conflicts involves open and honest communication with clients. It strives to find a mutually agreeable resolution to any issues that may arise.

11. How much does Worthington Construction charge for its services?

Worthington Construction’s prices vary depending on the type of work being done. It provides free cost estimates for all projects.

12. How long does it typically take for Worthington Construction to complete a project?

The length of time it takes for Worthington Construction to complete a project depends on the scope of the project. It provides estimated completion times for all projects.

13. What is Worthington Construction’s safety record?

Worthington Construction has a strong safety record. It has implemented strict safety protocols to ensure the safety of its workers and clients.

14. Does Worthington Construction work on large-scale projects?

Yes, Worthington Construction works on large-scale projects for commercial and residential clients.

15. How does Worthington Construction stay up-to-date on construction industry trends?

Worthington Construction stays up-to-date on industry trends through regular training and education for its staff. It also maintains relationships with industry experts.

16. What is Worthington Construction’s environmental policy?

Worthington Construction is committed to protecting the environment and uses sustainable materials and practices whenever possible.

17. How does Worthington Construction handle project delays?

Worthington Construction communicates regularly with clients to keep them informed of any potential delays and works to minimize delays whenever possible.

18. Can Worthington Construction provide references from previous clients?

Yes, Worthington Construction can provide references from previous clients upon request.

19. Does Worthington Construction work on historical renovation projects?

Yes, Worthington Construction has experience working on historical renovation projects and follows all guidelines and regulations related to such projects.

20. What is Worthington Construction’s policy on job site cleanliness?

Worthington Construction is committed to maintaining a clean and organized job site throughout the construction process.

21. Does Worthington Construction handle all aspects of a project including permits and inspections?

Yes, Worthington Construction handles all aspects of a project including permits and inspections.

22. How does Worthington Construction handle unexpected issues that arise during a project?

Worthington Construction handles unexpected issues on a case-by-case basis and works with clients to find the best resolution.

23. Does Worthington Construction offer design services?

Yes, Worthington Construction offers design services and can help clients visualize their construction project before the construction process begins.

24. What is Worthington Construction’s payment policy?

Worthington Construction’s payment policy involves regular billing and payment milestones throughout the construction process.

25. How can I get started with Worthington Construction?

You can get started with Worthington Construction by contacting them through their website or by calling their office to schedule a consultation.

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Thank You for Being a Part of Worthington Construction’s Story

As we come to the end of our article, Kind Reader, we hope that you have enjoyed getting to know Worthington Construction a little better. We take great pride in our work and are passionate about providing top-quality construction services to our clients. If you are in need of construction services or want to learn more about our company, we invite you to visit our website or give us a call. Thank you for taking the time to read about our story, and we hope to see you again soon.

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