Master the Art of Bidding Post Construction Cleaning Jobs: A Guide to Winning More Contracts

Kind Reader, if you’re in the cleaning business, knowing how to bid post construction cleaning jobs could help you land high-paying jobs. During pre-construction, estimators find out the cost of labor, raw materials, and potential risks involved in the project. However, there’s still a need for the post construction cleaning task to be completed before the handover of the project. Thus, you can offer your expertise and bid for the job, but it’s crucial to know how to bid effectively to ensure you get paid fairly.

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Factors to Consider when Bidding Post Construction Cleaning Jobs

how-to-bid-post-construction-cleaning-jobs,Bidding Post Construction Cleaning Jobs,

Post-construction cleaning jobs are highly lucrative and competitive in the industry. Thus, it is essential to bid your services appropriately to win the job, make a reasonable profit and maintain a positive relationship with your client. Other factors to consider when bidding post-construction cleaning jobs are highlighted below.

Size and Complexity of the Project

The size and complexity of the project determine the resources required, time spent cleaning, and ultimately the cost. A smaller project with fewer complexities is less time-consuming and requires less labor and cleaning supplies to complete. On the other hand, a larger project that involves several buildings or floors may require more effort and cleaning supplies, thereby increasing costs.

Level of Dirt and Debris

The level of dirt and debris on the job site after construction will significantly impact the amount charged for cleaning services. If the construction debris is scattered all over the job site, it requires more effort, supplies, and time to clean than if it’s gathered in one place. Thus, a significant amount will be charged to compensate for the additional work.

Different Types of Cleaning Services for Post Construction Cleaning Jobs

how-to-bid-post-construction-cleaning-jobs,Different Types of Cleaning Services,

Several types of cleaning services are required post-construction, depending on your client requirements, and bidding for the job involves taking these services into account. Here are some of the services commonly required and how to bid for them effectively at a reasonable price.

Basic Cleaning Services

Basic post-construction cleaning services may include removing debris, dust, and dirt from all surfaces, including floors, windows, and walls. The amount to be charged depends on the size of the project and the cleaning supplies required to complete the job.

Deep Cleaning Services

If the job requires a more thorough cleaning of surfaces and includes disinfection of frequently used surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, additional charges may apply, as these require more specialized, and sometimes costly, cleaning supplies and equipment.

Specialized Cleaning Services

Some post-construction projects may require specialized cleaning services like cleaning carpets, upholstery, air ducts, and kitchen or bathroom fixtures. The cost-effectiveness of offering these services depends on the size of the project, the time required, and equipment and cleaning supplies necessary to complete the job.

Calculating costs for post construction cleaning jobs

how-to-bid-post-construction-cleaning-jobs,Calculating costs for post construction cleaning jobs,

Estimating the costs to bid on a post-construction cleaning job is essential before any proposals are submitted. Accurate estimates are crucial as it ensures appropriate pricing while ensuring you don’t lose out on profits. Here are some points to consider to calculate the costs.

What to include in your costing?

The costing for post-construction cleaning jobs must include the following costs:

No Costs Items
1 Labor costs
2 Material costs (equipment, chemicals, PPE, etc.)
3 Transportation costs
4 Overheads (office expenses, taxes, insurance, etc.)
5 Profit margin (Usually 20-30% of the total costs)

How to calculate the labor costs?

The total hours of work required to complete the job should be the starting point of labor cost calculation. The hourly rate of employees, including additional benefits and taxes, should then be multiplied by the total hours required. Always calculate your labor hours accurately, with enough staff available to get the job done on time.

How to calculate materials costs?

The total material cost includes the cost of cleaning tools, equipment, PPE, and chemicals used in cleaning. Always calculate the materials quantities needed accurately, so that you purchase enough materials to complete the job, with a little extra in case of unforeseen conditions. You must measure the job site to determine the amount of material required.

How to calculate the transportation costs?

The cost of transportation is determined by the distance between the job site and the equipment yard. The vehicle used for the transportation of the equipment, tools, and personnel should be included in the costing of transportation.

How to calculate overhead costs?

Overheads include all the expenditures that cannot be allocated to any particular project, such as insurance, office rent, taxes, etc. These expenses are calculated as a percentage of the total project costs incurred in a given time.

How to calculate profit margin?

Finally, after calculating all the above costs, create a profit margin of around 20-30% of the total cost. This margin should be enough to cover any unforeseen expenses and keep your business running smoothly.

No Important Information
1 Assess the site before creating a bid
2 Make sure you have all necessary equipment and materials to complete the job
3 Determine the scope of work and how long it will take to complete
4 Factor in the cost of labor and materials when creating your bid
5 Consider the size of the project and the level of cleaning required
6 Understand the client’s expectations and include them in your bid
7 Communicate clearly and professionally when presenting your bid
8 Be prepared to negotiate and set clear expectations for the project timeline and payment terms
9 Review your bid to ensure profitability and accuracy before finalizing and submitting

Calculating Labor Costs for Post-Construction Cleaning Jobs

how-to-bid-post-construction-cleaning-jobs,Calculating Labor Costs,

The next step in bidding for a post-construction cleaning job is to calculate the labor costs. This tends to be the most significant expense involved in the cleaning process. A few essential factors need to be considered when estimating labor costs. These include:

  • Size of the job site: This determines the number of cleaners needed.
  • Scope of work: What needs to be done, how long it will take, and the type of cleaning required all play a role in determining labor costs.
  • Regional Wage Rates: The average hourly wage rate for cleaners in the area should be factored into the estimate. Labor costs usually vary from one location to another, and the average wage rate should be used if it is unpaid by the client.
  • Number of Hours Required Each Day: If the job site is massive, it may need cleaning over multiple days. Additional expenses, such as travel and accommodation, should be included in the estimate, as these will increase labor costs.

Bear in mind that if the project is big, more cleaners may be needed. This will impact labor expenses and should be factored into the estimate. To arrive at a reasonable figure, it is essential to calculate the number of hours needed to complete the job, together with the overhead costs.

Determining the Number of Hours Required Each Day

Analyze the cleaning process, and create a to-do list for all tasks that need to be completed. Each employee’s hourly rate and daily productivity should also be assessed. To calculate the total number of hours required for the job, multiply the cleaning time (in hours) by the number of cleaners on the team.

Factoring in Overhead Costs

Aside from labor costs, other expenses, such as transport, supplies, equipment rental, and insurance, should also be considered when pricing services.

No Overhead Cost Description
1 Transport Cost of getting cleaners to and from job site.
2 Supplies Cost of cleaning supplies, such as mops, cleaning solutions, and detergents
3 Equipment Rental Cost of equipment, such as industrial vacuum cleaners, will be factored into overheads if rented.
4 Insurance Liability insurance protects employees and service professionals from damages that may occur while cleaning the premises.

Factors to Consider When Bidding on Post Construction Cleaning Jobs

how-to-bid-post-construction-cleaning-jobs,Factors to Consider When Bidding on Post Construction Cleaning Jobs,

Before starting a post-construction cleaning project, it is essential to know how to bid on it accurately. One of the most crucial steps in bidding for post-construction cleaning jobs is to conduct a site evaluation to estimate the amount of work required.

Conducting a Site Visit

The site visit is a critical step in determining the amount of work you need to put into cleaning, as various factors will determine the quality of cleaning work that will be required. During the site visit, you will need to take the following actions:

  1. Determine the type of building and the number of rooms to be cleaned
  2. Check if there are any hazardous areas that require special cleaning procedures
  3. Check if there are any equipment and supplies required for cleaning work
  4. Determine the size of the area that needs cleaning and the type of cleaning required

Identifying the Scope of Work

The scope of work is the most crucial factor that determines the cost of post-construction cleaning. Identify the scope of work by listing all the cleaning requirements and include them in the cleaning checklist. The cleaning checklist should include:

  • Cleaning of floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Window cleaning
  • Removing debris and waste
  • Cleaning of restrooms and kitchen areas
  • Mopping, vacuuming, and dusting

Note: Failure to identify the scope of work accurately can lead to under-bidding or over-bidding on the project.

Calculating Labor and Material Costs

how-to-bid-post-construction-cleaning-jobs,Calculating Labor and Material Costs,

Calculating the labor and material costs is a crucial aspect of bidding post-construction cleaning jobs. Labor costs should take into account the number of workers needed to complete the job, their hourly pay rate, and the estimated time it will take to finish the project. It is essential to set a realistic completion time to ensure that you don’t underbid and lose money on the job.

Calculating Labor Costs

The first step in calculating labor costs is to determine the number of workers needed. This will depend on the scope of the project and the estimated completion time. The hourly pay rate for each worker should also be taken into account, and you should consider any overtime or holiday pay for the job.

For example, let’s say the job requires four cleaners, each earning $20 per hour. The estimated completion time is three days, and you estimate that each worker will work eight hours per day. That means the total labor cost for the job would be:

No Labor Costs
1 (4 workers x $20 per hour x 3 days x 8 hours per day) = $1,920

Calculating Material Costs

Material costs include any cleaning supplies, equipment rental, and other necessary items needed to complete the job. It is essential to accurately estimate the costs of these items to ensure you don’t underbid.

For example, let’s say you need cleaning supplies that cost $100 and rented equipment for $50. The total material cost for the job would be:

No Material Costs
1 $100 + $50 = $150

How to create a winning bid for post-construction cleaning jobs

how-to-bid-post-construction-cleaning-jobs,creating a winning bid for post-construction cleaning jobs,

Now that you have an idea of what to consider in assessing the job requirements, the next step would be to create a winning bid. This is the document that will be presented to prospective clients, so it needs to be well-thought-out and professional.

Do your research

Before you draft your bid, it’s important to conduct thorough research about the property or project and the client you’ll be working with. This information can help you tailor your proposal and include specific details that can impress the client. You can research online, review documents, or do an on-site visit to get a better understanding of the project’s scope, budget, and expected deadline.

Prepare a comprehensive estimate

Make sure to calculate the cost of materials and labor accurately. Providing a comprehensive estimate that is detailed and easy to understand shows the client that you have put effort into creating the bid. It also gives them the confidence in hiring you and trust that there will be no surprises.

A tip is to include pricing details for different levels of cleaning, for example, a basic clean versus a deep clean, so that the client can choose what kind of cleaning is required for their project.

No Check List
1 Prepare a comprehensive estimate accurately
2 Provide pricing details for different levels of cleaning
3 Critique your competitors pricing

Critique your competitors’ pricing

There could be several bidders for the same project, so a proper bid evaluation process can give you an edge over your competitors. You can compare the pricing details of your competitors and see where you stand. It can help you discover any opportunities to improve your bid, or it might give you some insights into the client’s preferences and expectations.

Formulate a bid that accommodates the project’s cleaning needs and impresses the client in one go. Consider the scope of the project, estimated time, and cost to create an impressive bid.

Estimate Your Costs and Profits

how-to-bid-post-construction-cleaning-jobs,Estimate Your Costs and Profits,

After assessing the extent and complexity of the task, you should make an accurate estimate of the costs, materials, and labor involved in the post-construction cleaning job. It is crucial to be realistic when estimating your expenses. Underestimating your expenses can lead to losses, while overestimating your expenses may make you lose clients to competitors. To make a reasonable estimate, you should consider the following:

Cost of Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

You must consider the cost of cleaning products such as bleach, window cleaners, degreasers, and other supplies required for post-construction cleaning. You must also consider the cost of renting or buying equipment if you do not have any. For instance, you might need vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, gloves, and safety gear, among others. In case you hire staff, you should also consider the cost of their wages, training, and insurance.

Profit Margin

You want to make sure that after taking into consideration all your expenses, your profit margin has a good percentage to show for it. Make sure that your price is lucrative for you and also your clients. Remember that post-construction cleaning jobs are project-based which means that there is no long-term commitment from the clients. The client could decide to hire someone else for the next project if your pricing is too high. So this is a balance that you have to maintain to keep getting future business.

No Expenses Average Cost
1 Window cleaner $5-$10/ window
2 Degreaser $3-$5 per can
3 Disinfectant $4-$9 per can
4 Vacuum Cleaner $80-$200 per day
5 Mops and Buckets $20-$50 per set

Note: These are just rough approximations. The prices may vary based on your location, supplier, quality of goods, etc.

FAQ on How to Bid Post Construction Cleaning Jobs

1. What is post construction cleaning?

Post construction cleaning is the process of cleaning up a construction site after the builders have completed their work.

2. Why is post construction cleaning important?

Post construction cleaning is important to ensure the safety and hygiene of the building and its occupants after construction is completed.

3. How do I bid for post construction cleaning jobs?

To bid for post construction cleaning jobs, you need to evaluate the size and scope of the project, assess the level of cleaning required, and calculate your costs.

4. What factors should I consider when bidding for post construction cleaning jobs?

You should consider the size and condition of the building, the level of cleaning required, the time and resources needed, and the competition in the market.

5. How do I calculate my costs for post construction cleaning jobs?

You should consider your labor costs, materials and equipment costs, overhead costs, and profit margin when calculating your costs for post construction cleaning jobs.

6. How do I prepare a bid proposal for post construction cleaning jobs?

Your bid proposal should include your pricing, scope of work, timeline, and any terms and conditions of the project.

7. How do I market my post construction cleaning services?

You can market your post construction cleaning services by creating a website, networking with builders and contractors, and advertising in local publications.

8. How do I handle post construction cleaning projects with tight deadlines?

You need to allocate sufficient resources and manpower, plan your workflow, and communicate effectively with your team to meet tight deadlines for post construction cleaning projects.

9. How do I ensure quality and safety in post construction cleaning projects?

You should hire trained and experienced cleaners, use appropriate cleaning products and equipment, and follow safety protocols to ensure quality and safety in post construction cleaning projects.

10. How do I handle unexpected issues during post construction cleaning projects?

You should communicate with your clients and work with them to resolve any unexpected issues that arise during post construction cleaning projects.

11. How do I deal with pricing objections from clients?

You should be transparent and explain your pricing process, emphasizing the value of your services and the quality of your work.

12. How do I handle disputes with clients over payment or service quality?

You should have a clear and formal contract that outlines your payment terms and dispute resolution process in order to handle any disputes that may arise.

13. How do I build lasting relationships with clients for post construction cleaning services?

You can build lasting relationships with clients for post construction cleaning services by delivering high quality work, being responsive to their needs and concerns, and communicating effectively.

14. How do I keep up with industry trends and developments in post construction cleaning?

You can join industry associations, attend trade shows and conferences, and read industry publications to keep up with industry trends and developments in post construction cleaning.

15. How do I ensure that I am compliant with legal and regulatory requirements for post construction cleaning services?

You should familiarize yourself with local, state, and federal laws and regulations that apply to post construction cleaning services, and ensure that you comply with them in your business practices.

16. How do I manage the logistics of equipment and waste disposal for post construction cleaning projects?

You need to plan ahead for equipment and waste disposal logistics, secure the necessary resources and permits, and coordinate with your team to manage these aspects of post construction cleaning projects.

17. How do I train my staff to provide high quality post construction cleaning services?

You should provide your staff with thorough training on cleaning techniques, safety procedures, and customer service skills, and provide ongoing coaching and feedback to ensure that they maintain high quality work.

18. How do I handle scheduling conflicts for post construction cleaning projects?

You need to be flexible and communicate proactively with your clients and your team to resolve scheduling conflicts for post construction cleaning projects.

19. How do I handle unexpected delays during post construction cleaning projects?

You need to communicate clearly with your clients and your team, and adjust your project timeline and staffing as needed to address unexpected delays during post construction cleaning projects.

20. How do I evaluate the success of my post construction cleaning projects?

You can evaluate the success of your post construction cleaning projects based on client satisfaction, timely delivery, and profitability.

21. How do I stay competitive in the post construction cleaning market?

You can stay competitive in the post construction cleaning market by offering high quality services, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service, and by staying informed about industry trends and developments.

22. How do I differentiate my post construction cleaning services from those of my competitors?

You can differentiate your post construction cleaning services by offering unique and specialized services, emphasizing your quality and expertise, and leveraging your customer relationships and referrals.

23. How do I ensure that I am insured and bonded for post construction cleaning projects?

You need to obtain appropriate liability and bonding insurance to protect your business and your clients from any damages or losses that may occur during post construction cleaning projects.

24. How do I handle emergencies and urgent requests for post construction cleaning services?

You need to have a contingency plan in place, allocate sufficient resources to handle emergencies and urgent requests, and communicate effectively with your clients and your team to address these situations.

25. How do I track my expenses and income for post construction cleaning projects?

You can use accounting software or hire an accountant to track your expenses and income for post construction cleaning projects, and to generate financial reports that can help you manage your business effectively.

If you are looking for tips on bidding post-construction cleaning jobs, check out this informative article on bidding post-construction cleaning jobs. It covers everything you need to know to prepare an accurate and competitive bid for your cleaning services.

Thank You, Kind Reader

That’s it, folks! We hope our little guide on bidding post construction cleaning jobs has set you on the right track. Remember that pricing is only one aspect of winning a job bid; be sure to put your best foot forward by highlighting your experience, professionalism, and attention to detail. Always remember to assess the scope of the project and to provide a clear breakdown of your services. Good luck out there and happy bidding! Don’t forget to come back soon for more insightful articles and tips!

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