Hargrave Construction: Building the Future with Innovation and Expertise

Kind Reader, Hargrave Construction is a well-known construction company that has been around for many years. This company specializes in building high-end homes and businesses for clients who are looking for the best in construction services. Hargrave Construction has a reputation for delivering quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and attention to detail. With a team of skilled professionals and resources to get the job done, Hargrave Construction is a name that clients trust when it comes to their construction needs.

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History of Hargrave Construction

hargrave-construction,History of Hargrave Construction,

Hargrave Construction was started by John Hargrave in 1955 as a small family business focused on providing quality construction services to the local community. John had a passion for construction and believed that every project, no matter how big or small, deserved the highest level of attention and expertise.

The Growth of Hargrave Construction

Over the years, Hargrave Construction has grown from a small, local business to a respected and trusted construction company with a nationwide presence. This growth has been driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering outstanding results for every client.

Hargrave Construction Today

Today, Hargrave Construction is a leading provider of construction services, with a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and customer service. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, Hargrave Construction is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the construction industry and its clients.

Services Offered by Hargrave Construction

hargrave-construction,Services Offered by Hargrave Construction,

Hargrave Construction offers a wide range of construction services to meet the needs of its clients, from design through completion. Some of the key services provided by Hargrave Construction include:

General Contracting

As a full-service general contractor, Hargrave Construction provides comprehensive construction services, from project planning and management to construction and final walk-through. Hargrave Construction has a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects on time and on budget.

Construction Management

Hargrave Construction offers construction management services that are tailored to the unique needs of each project. With a focus on collaboration and communication, Hargrave Construction ensures that every project is completed to the highest standards of quality.


By bringing together design and construction expertise under one roof, Hargrave Construction is able to streamline the building process and deliver exceptional results. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, the design-build approach is ideal for complex projects and tight timelines.


Hargrave Construction’s pre-construction services ensure that every project is set up for success, from site evaluation to budget analysis and value engineering. With a focus on early collaboration, Hargrave Construction helps to identify and address potential issues before they become costly problems.

Hargrave Construction: Services Offered

hargrave-construction,Hargrave Construction Services,

Hargrave Construction is a full-service construction company based in Houston, Texas. The company specializes in a wide variety of construction projects, from large industrial complexes to custom residential buildings. Hargrave Construction offers the following services:

Industrial Construction

The company has extensive experience in constructing industrial buildings, such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and storage facilities. The Hargrave team can manage all aspects of the project, from site development to building design to construction management. They are experienced in working with all types of materials, including steel, concrete, and wood.

Commercial Construction

Hargrave Construction provides commercial construction services for a wide range of clients, including businesses, hospitals, schools, and government agencies. They have experience in constructing office buildings, retail sites, and other commercial structures. The company’s team of experts can manage every aspect of the project, from site preparation to construction management to final completion.

Residential Construction

Hargrave Construction provides custom residential construction services. They work closely with clients to design and build homes that meet their unique needs and style preferences. The company’s team of experts can handle all aspects of the project, including site preparation, architectural design, interior design, and construction management.

Renovation and Remodeling

Hargrave Construction also offers renovation and remodeling services for both commercial and residential projects. Their team of experts can upgrade and revamp existing structures to meet the changing needs of clients. The company provides comprehensive services, including design, demolition, construction, and finishing.

Notable Project: The Heights

One of the notable projects of Hargrave Construction is The Heights, a luxury residential building located in the historic Houston Heights neighborhood. The building is a six-story mid-rise featuring 24 luxury condos with high-end finishes and amenities. The project was completed in 2021 and received recognition from the Urban Land Institute as one of the best new developments in the Houston area.

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History of Hargrave Construction

hargrave-construction,History of Hargrave Construction,

Hargrave Construction has been in the construction business for over 25 years. Founded by John Hargrave in 1994, the company started out as a small, family-owned business and has since grown to become a leading construction company in the industry. Over the years, the company has completed numerous projects across various sectors, including commercial, industrial, and residential.

Commercial Sector

In the commercial sector, Hargrave Construction has completed numerous projects, including office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, and more. One of the company’s most notable projects in the commercial sector is the development of the Gateway Park in Rochester, Minnesota. The project involved the construction of a four-story, mixed-use commercial building and was completed in 2020.

Residential Sector

The company has also completed several projects in the residential sector, including single-family homes, multi-family homes, and luxury estates. One of Hargrave Construction’s most notable residential projects is the renovation of a historic mansion in Wayzata, Minnesota. The project involved the complete renovation of the 100-year-old mansion and the addition of modern amenities, including a state-of-the-art kitchen and a home theater.

Approach of Hargrave Construction

hargrave-construction,Approach of Hargrave Construction,

Hargrave Construction takes a unique approach to construction projects, which sets them apart from other companies in the industry. The company is committed to providing high-quality construction services while keeping costs affordable for their clients. They achieve this through a combination of careful planning, expert design, and efficient construction methods.

Design-Build Method

Hargrave Construction uses the design-build method for their projects. This means that they handle both the design and construction aspects of the project, which allows for better communication and coordination between the different teams. This approach also results in shorter project timelines and lower costs for the client.

Collaborative Planning

The company places a strong emphasis on collaborative planning. They work closely with their clients to understand their specific needs and goals for the project. This allows them to create a custom-tailored plan that meets the client’s objectives while staying within their budget and timeline.

Efficient Construction Methods

To keep costs down and ensure timely delivery of projects, Hargrave Construction uses efficient construction methods. They leverage the latest technology and employ a highly skilled workforce to ensure that every project is completed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

The Construction Process of Hargrave Construction

hargrave-construction,Construction Process of Hargrave Construction,

One of the reasons why Hargrave Construction stands out in the market is because of their unique construction process. The company focuses on a personalized approach, wherein each project is tailored according to the client’s needs and expectations. This starts with the conceptualization phase, wherein the client meets with the Hargrave Construction team to discuss their ideas, budget, and timeline. From there, the team will create a detailed plan that outlines all the necessary steps to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Integrated Design Process

Hargrave Construction believes in an integrated design process, wherein all aspects of the building are considered from the beginning. This means that the team will take into account the building’s site, layout, materials, and construction techniques to ensure that it is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective. The team will also collaborate with the client’s architect and engineer to ensure that the building meets all the necessary standards and codes.

Quality Control

Another important aspect of Hargrave Construction’s construction process is their commitment to quality control. The team has a rigorous quality control system in place, which involves multiple inspections at every stage of the construction process. This system ensures that the building meets all the necessary standards and codes, and that it is built to the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

“Hargrave Construction takes pride in their unique construction process, which includes an integrated design process and rigorous quality control system.”

Construction Timeline

The construction timeline is also an essential part of the Hargrave Construction process. The team is committed to delivering projects on time and within budget. They have a detailed plan and schedule in place that outlines all the necessary tasks, deadlines, and milestones throughout the construction process. This plan is regularly updated and communicated to the client to ensure that they are always informed and up-to-date on the project’s progress.


Hargrave Construction is also committed to sustainable building practices. The team will work with the client to identify ways to reduce the building’s impact on the environment, such as using materials and techniques that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. The team will also consider the building’s long-term impact on the environment and provide recommendations on how to make the building more sustainable in the future.

Health and Safety

Lastly, Hargrave Construction places a high value on health and safety. They have strict safety measures in place to ensure that everyone on the construction site is safe from harm. The team also ensures that the building is safe and healthy for its occupants by using materials that are non-toxic and ensuring that the building is properly ventilated and insulated.

Experience and Expertise

hargrave-construction,Experience and Expertise,

Hargrave Construction has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and has a team of professionals who are experts in their respective fields. The company is led by Bill and Jamey Hargrave, who have a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. They have successfully completed several residential and commercial construction projects, including custom homes, remodels, additions, and more.

Residential construction expertise

The team at Hargrave Construction has extensive experience in designing and building luxury custom homes. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and preferences and come up with a design that meets their requirements. Their attention to detail is evident in the quality of the homes they build, and they use only top-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the homes are energy-efficient and durable. They also have expertise in remodeling and additions, and can transform an existing home into a dream home.

Commercial construction expertise

Hargrave Construction has also completed several commercial projects, including offices, restaurants, retail stores, and more. They have the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of commercial construction, from design to completion. Their team is knowledgeable in zoning and building codes, and can navigate the often-complex permit process. They work closely with their clients to understand their business needs and come up with a design that meets those needs while also being aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Projects Completed by Hargrave Construction

hargrave-construction,Projects Completed by Hargrave Construction,

Throughout its history, Hargrave Construction has completed many impressive projects in various sectors. Here are some notable projects that the company has worked on:


Hargrave Construction has extensive experience in building high-end residential properties. One of the company’s notable residential projects is the 4,500 square foot estate built in the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood in Palm Springs. The property features a luxurious outdoor pool and spa area, a spacious great room with vaulted ceilings, and a gourmet kitchen.

Another notable residential project is a sprawling, Tuscan-style villa in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The project featured a 15,000 square foot main house, a detached guest house, a swimming pool, and a tennis court.


Hargrave Construction has also completed many commercial projects in various industries. One of the company’s notable commercial projects is the renovation of the Hard Rock Café in San Diego, which involved completely gutting the interiors and then rebuilding them to better suit the brand’s image.

The company also completed the construction of the new Julian Charter School campus in San Diego. The campus, which features a series of buildings interconnected by pedestrian pathways and courtyards, is designed to accommodate students of all ages from kindergarten to high school.

Recognition and Awards

hargrave-construction,Recognition and Awards for Hargrave Construction,

Hargrave Construction’s innovative design, engineering, and construction work has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards:

Excellence in Construction Award

The company has been honored with the Excellence in Construction Award by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) for its work on the Hard Rock Café renovation project. This award recognizes outstanding construction workmanship and innovation.

Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) Award

The DBIA recognized Hargrave Construction for its work on the Julian Charter School campus project with a Merit Award in the Education Facilities category. This award acknowledges design-build teams who have demonstrated a high level of teamwork and innovation in their projects.

Hargrave Construction Services

hargrave-construction,Hargrave Construction Services,

Hargrave Construction offers a range of services that cater to the different needs of clients. The company is known for its competitive pricing and efficient services. Here are some of the services the company offers:

Residential Construction

Hargrave Construction provides residential construction services that include new construction, renovations, and additions. The company has an experienced team of builders who can handle any residential project, regardless of the size or complexity. Hargrave Construction also offers design and build services, which means they work closely with clients to create a unique design that meets their specific needs.

Commercial Construction

The company also offers commercial construction services that cover new construction, renovations, and additions. Hargrave Construction has worked on a variety of commercial projects, including retail stores, offices, medical facilities, and restaurants. The company has a team of builders who have experience working on these types of projects, which means they can deliver high-quality work that meets clients’ expectations.

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Hargrave Construction FAQ

Do you have any questions or concerns about Hargrave Construction? We’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions and provided helpful answers below.

1. Who is Hargrave Construction?

Hargrave Construction is a reputable construction company that provides high-quality construction services, specializing in custom homes, renovations, and commercial projects.

2. Where is Hargrave Construction located?

Hargrave Construction is located in the United States, with offices in various cities including Dallas, San Diego, and New York.

3. What types of construction services does Hargrave Construction offer?

Hargrave Construction offers a wide range of construction services, including custom homes, renovations, commercial projects, and project management.

4. How experienced is Hargrave Construction?

Hargrave Construction has been in the industry for over 20 years and has completed numerous successful projects. The team consists of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

5. What is Hargrave Construction’s approach to construction?

Hargrave Construction is committed to delivering high-quality projects that exceed client expectations. They focus on transparency, communication, and collaboration throughout the entire project, ensuring the client’s vision is realized.

6. How much does Hargrave Construction charge?

The cost of Hargrave Construction’s services varies depending on the project’s scope, size, and complexity. They provide detailed estimates to ensure clients are aware of all costs before beginning the project.

7. Does Hargrave Construction provide financing options?

Hargrave Construction does not offer financing options directly, but they can provide recommendations for financing sources based on the client’s needs.

8. Does Hargrave Construction offer warranties on their work?

Yes, Hargrave Construction provides a warranty on all their work. They want their clients to have peace of mind knowing their investment is protected.

9. What is Hargrave Construction’s timeline for projects?

The timeline for Hargrave Construction’s projects varies depending on the project’s scope, size, and complexity. They provide a detailed timeline during the project planning phase to ensure clients are aware of the schedule.

10. What is Hargrave Construction’s project management process?

Hargrave Construction implements a project management process that focuses on communication, coordination, and collaboration. They provide frequent progress updates and ensure clients are informed throughout the entire project.

11. Does Hargrave Construction have insurance?

Yes, Hargrave Construction has insurance to protect both the company and their clients. They provide a Certificate of Insurance to clients upon request.

12. What is Hargrave Construction’s safety protocol?

Hargrave Construction has a comprehensive safety protocol that ensures the worksite is safe for all workers and visitors. They prioritize safety and provide the necessary equipment and training to ensure compliance.

13. Can clients have input during the construction process?

Yes, Hargrave Construction encourages client input throughout the construction process. They understand that the client’s vision is important and work to ensure it is realized.

14. Does Hargrave Construction work with an architect or designer?

Yes, Hargrave Construction partners with experienced architects and designers to ensure the project achieves the desired result. They provide recommendations based on the client’s needs.

15. What is Hargrave Construction’s environmental responsibility?

Hargrave Construction is committed to environmental responsibility and implements sustainable practices wherever possible. They use eco-friendly materials and dispose of waste responsibly to reduce their impact on the environment.

16. How does Hargrave Construction handle unexpected problems during construction?

Hargrave Construction has a problem-solving approach that focuses on finding solutions for unexpected problems. They prioritize communication and collaboration to ensure the project stays on track.

17. How does Hargrave Construction ensure quality control?

Hargrave Construction has a rigorous quality control process that ensures all work is up to their high standards. They conduct frequent inspections and provide regular progress updates to ensure the client’s expectations are met.

18. Does Hargrave Construction provide post-construction clean-up services?

Yes, Hargrave Construction provides post-construction clean-up services to ensure the worksite is left in pristine condition.

19. What is Hargrave Construction’s payment schedule?

Hargrave Construction provides a detailed payment schedule in the contract, outlining payments due at each project milestone. They prioritize transparency and ensure clients are aware of all costs before beginning the project.

20. What is Hargrave Construction’s policy on change orders?

Hargrave Construction considers change orders on a case-by-case basis. They prioritize communication and collaboration to ensure the change aligns with the client’s vision and project timeline.

21. How does Hargrave Construction ensure the project stays within budget?

Hargrave Construction provides detailed estimates and closely tracks project costs throughout the entire project. They prioritize transparency and communication to ensure the project stays within budget.

22. Does Hargrave Construction offer emergency services?

Hargrave Construction offers emergency services for clients in need. They prioritize safety and prompt resolution for unexpected events.

23. What is Hargrave Construction’s policy on client confidentiality?

Hargrave Construction respects client confidentiality and maintains the highest level of privacy and security when handling sensitive information.

24. How can I contact Hargrave Construction?

You can contact Hargrave Construction through their website, email, or phone. They have a dedicated team that is available to answer any questions or concerns.

25. What sets Hargrave Construction apart?

Hargrave Construction sets themselves apart through their commitment to quality, transparency, and client satisfaction. They focus on collaboration and communication throughout the entire project, ensuring the client’s vision is realized.

Learn about the services offered by Hargrave Construction and how they can help with your construction needs.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Hargrave Construction and their commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction. Whether you’re in need of residential or commercial construction services, Hargrave has the skills and experience to get the job done right. Don’t hesitate to visit their website for more information or to request a consultation. Thanks again for reading and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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