Building Dreams: The Story of Albright Construction

Kind Reader, Albright Construction is a well-known company in the construction industry that has won the hearts of many clients. With over 20 years of experience in the business, Albright Construction is renowned for its quality workmanship, reliability, and professionalism. They specialize in both residential and commercial construction projects, making them a trusted partner for anyone looking for a construction company. Whether you need a new build, renovation, or repair, Albright Construction has got you covered.

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History of Albright Construction

albright-construction,History of Albright Construction,

Albright Construction is a reputable Atlanta-based construction company founded by John Albright in 1946. The company specializes in commercial and industrial construction services, including pre-construction, design-build, and general contracting services. John Albright established the company with the aim of providing exceptional construction services to clients in the metro-Atlanta area. The company grew rapidly, earning a reputation for delivering quality construction projects within the stipulated budget and timeline.

The Birth of a Visionary

John Albright was born in 1906 in Georgia, USA, and showed an interest in construction at a young age. He graduated from Georgia Tech and started his career as a project engineer in Virginia. He later moved back to Georgia, where he worked in the construction industry for over a decade before starting Albright Construction. John was a visionary leader who was passionate about delivering exceptional construction services to clients. His leadership and dedication to quality led to the continued growth of the company.

The Early Years

The company started off by offering residential construction services, and in the 1950s, it began focusing on commercial construction. Albright Construction quickly earned a reputation for delivering quality work, and this reputation grew with every completed project. By the 1960s, the company had built several high-profile buildings, including the Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Atlanta.

Services Offered by Albright Construction

albright-construction,Services Offered by Albright Construction,

Albright Construction offers a wide range of construction services to clients in the Atlanta metro area. The company specializes in commercial and industrial construction and provides the following services:

Pre-Construction Services

The pre-construction phase is crucial to the success of any construction project. Albright Construction offers a range of pre-construction services, including site selection, feasibility studies, budgeting, and scheduling. These services are designed to help clients make informed decisions before starting any construction project.

Design-Build Services

As a design-build contractor, Albright Construction takes care of the entire construction process, from design to completion. The company has a team of experienced architects, engineers, and builders who work together to deliver a quality project within the stipulated budget and timeline.

General Contracting Services

Albright Construction provides general contracting services for clients who already have designs for their projects. The company manages every aspect of the construction process, from procurement to completion.

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About Albright Construction

albright-construction,About Albright Construction,

Albright Construction is a reputable construction company based in California. The company was founded in 2010 by Mark Albright, who has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Albright Construction has a team of skilled professionals who offer high-quality construction services to their clients.

Services Offered by Albright Construction

Albright Construction offers a wide range of services to their clients, ranging from residential to commercial construction. Some of the services offered by the company include:

  • General contracting
  • Project management
  • Design and build services
  • Renovations and remodeling
  • Custom homes
  • Commercial construction and fit-outs

The company has completed numerous projects across California, and their clients have praised their attention to detail and commitment to delivering quality work within the agreed-upon timeline and budget.

Albright Construction’s Mission and Values

At Albright Construction, the mission is to provide high-quality construction services that exceed their clients’ expectations. They are committed to ensuring that their clients are satisfied with the work they do, and they take pride in delivering exceptional customer service. The company’s values include:

No Values
1 Honesty
2 Integrity
3 Commitment
4 Quality
5 Value for Money
6 Teamwork

These values guide the company’s operations, and they are committed to conducting their business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

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Albright Construction’s Services

albright-construction,Albright Construction,

Albright Construction has been providing high-quality construction services for more than 30 years. They specialize in several areas:

1. Residential Construction

Albright Construction offers a wide range of residential construction services, such as the construction of new homes, room additions, and home renovations. They work closely with their clients to ensure that their needs and preferences are met.

2. Commercial Construction

Albright Construction also offers commercial construction services, including building construction, office renovations, and retail space fit-outs. They are equipped to handle any size and scope of commercial project.

3. Remodeling and Renovations

One of Albright Construction’s specialties is remodeling and renovations. They can help homeowners update their homes, redesign their spaces, and create more functional living areas.

4. Roofing

Albright Construction’s roofing services cover everything from minor repairs to complete roof replacements. They use high-quality materials and provide expert installation to ensure optimal protection for your home or business.

5. Custom Design-Build

For clients that have a specific vision in mind, Albright Construction offers custom design-build services. They work with architects and engineers to create unique and personalized solutions for their clients.

6. Concrete and Masonry

Albright Construction also has extensive experience in concrete and masonry work. They offer services such as foundation repair, retaining wall construction, and concrete flatwork for both residential and commercial clients.

7. Sustainable Building

As a company that values sustainability and green building practices, Albright Construction offers eco-friendly solutions that promote energy efficiency and reduce waste. Their sustainable building services include insulation upgrades, energy-efficient window replacement, and renewable energy installations.

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Important Note: Albright Construction offers a broad range of construction services, including residential and commercial properties. They have extensive experience and are equipped to handle any size and scope of a construction project. They are committed to sustainability and green building practices.

The History of Albright Construction

albright-construction,The History of Albright Construction,

Albright Construction was founded in 1979 by Bruce Albright, who grew up in a family of builders. Albright Construction began as a small company specializing in residential renovations and additions. With hard work and dedication to quality workmanship, the company expanded into commercial and custom home building. Albright Construction now offers a range of construction services, including commercial and residential building, renovation, remodeling, and repair.

The Growth of Albright Construction

Albright Construction’s reputation for quality craftsmanship quickly grew, leading to an increase in business and hiring of new employees. In 1988, the company moved to a larger facility to accommodate its expanding business. Albright Construction is now one of the leading construction companies in the region, with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality workmanship.

The Philosophy of Albright Construction

Albright Construction’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that quality is the foundation of every project. The company believes that by focusing on quality, they can deliver exceptional value to their clients. Albright Construction is committed to providing custom solutions to every construction project, taking into consideration the unique needs of each client. The company works closely with its clients to ensure that every project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.

The Services Offered by Albright Construction

The Services Offered by Albright Construction

Albright Construction offers a wide range of construction services, including commercial and residential building, renovation, remodeling, and repair. The company has experience in a variety of construction projects, including custom homes, commercial buildings, retail spaces, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions.

Commercial Services

Albright Construction provides a comprehensive range of commercial construction services, including new construction, renovation, and tenant improvement. The company has experience working on a variety of commercial projects, including retail, healthcare, educational, and office spaces. Albright Construction’s commercial services include project management, design/ build, pre-construction services, and construction management.

Residential Services

Albright Construction provides a range of residential construction services, including custom home building, renovations, additions, and remodels. The company’s team of experts can work with clients to create custom designs that fit their unique needs and styles. Albright Construction’s residential services include project management, pre-construction services, design/ build, and construction management.

Services Offered by Albright Construction

albright-construction,Services Offered by Albright Construction,

Albright Construction provides a range of services from construction to design. Here are the services they offer:

1. Construction Services

The company specializes in building high-quality custom homes and remodeling vintage homes. Their professional team of contractors, architects, and designers provide complete construction services, including custom cabinetry, plumbing, electrical, and more. Albright Construction applies its attention to detail and craftsmanship to every project it works on.

2. Kitchen and Bathroom Design

Albright Construction designs custom kitchens and bathrooms according to clients’ needs and preferences. They offer a variety of options and materials to choose from, ensuring that the final product will be exactly what the client wants. Their team provides 3D renderings of designs so that clients can see what the finished product will look like before starting the work.

Albright Construction’s Renovation Services

albright-construction,Albright Construction renovation,

If you want to give your property a facelift, Albright Construction offers exceptional renovation services to transform your property into the most stylish and envious of them all. Our renovations can range from minor upgrades to major overhauls, and we always come up with a tailored plan to suit your needs and budget. Throughout the years, we have remained committed to quality and excellence, and we strive to maintain our impact in the construction industry.

Kitchen Renovation

Albright Construction’s kitchen renovation services are designed to help property owners bring their dream kitchens to life. We provide creative ideas, work with you to select quality materials, and come up with a design that meets your specifications. We specialize in customized cabinetry, countertops, and backsplashes, and we can repair or replace any kitchen covering. We work with modern appliances and lighting systems to create the desired atmosphere that meets your specifications.

Bathroom Renovation

Our bathroom renovation services are going to transform an outdated or run-down bathroom into the luxurious and relaxing space that you have always envisioned. It includes a complete design that includes the selection of custom vanities, countertops, as well as all the necessary fixtures and fittings. From replacing your faucets to fixing a leaky showerhead, we cover projects of all sizes. Our renovations aim to add not only beauty but also value to your property, and we guarantee that we use the best quality materials in our projects.

Albright Construction and Home Remodeling

albright-construction,Albright Construction and Home Remodeling,

Albright Construction specializes in a wide range of home remodelling and renovation services that can increase your home’s value, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Their team of expert craftsmen, designers and builders work closely with clients to transform and customize their homes to meet their specific needs and vision. Here are some of the services that Albright Construction offers under home remodelling and renovation:

Albright Home Additions and Extensions

Albright Construction provides home extension and addition services to expand any space in your home and give it better functionality. Whether it’s adding more rooms, building a sunroom or expanding your kitchen or dining area, they can provide customized solutions that meet your needs and taste.

Albright Window Replacement and Installation

Replacing old and damaged windows can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency, curb appeal, and security. Albright Construction provides high-quality window installation and replacement services, helping homeowners save energy and money while enhancing their home’s aesthetic appearance. They offer a wide range of window styles, materials, and designs to choose from, designed to match any home’s unique architectural style and decor.

Frequently Asked Questions about Albright Construction

If you have any questions or concerns about Albright Construction, please refer to the following FAQ:

1. Who is Albright Construction?

Albright Construction is a full-service construction company that provides residential and commercial construction services.

2. What kind of construction services does Albright Construction provide?

Albright Construction provides a wide range of construction services, including new construction, remodeling, renovation, and restoration.

3. How long has Albright Construction been in business?

Albright Construction has been in business for over 20 years.

4. Is Albright Construction licensed and insured?

Yes, Albright Construction is fully licensed and insured to provide construction services.

5. Does Albright Construction provide free quotes?

Yes, Albright Construction provides free quotes to all potential clients.

6. How long does it typically take Albright Construction to complete a project?

The length of time it takes to complete a project depends on the complexity and size of the project. Albright Construction will provide an estimated timeline during the initial consultation.

7. What is Albright Construction’s service area?

Albright Construction provides construction services to customers in the greater metro area.

8. Does Albright Construction use sustainable building practices?

Yes, Albright Construction uses sustainable building practices whenever possible.

9. What is Albright Construction’s warranty policy?

Albright Construction provides a one-year warranty on all construction work.

10. Does Albright Construction provide financing options?

Yes, Albright Construction provides financing options for qualifying customers.

11. How can I contact Albright Construction?

You can contact Albright Construction by phone, email, or by filling out the contact form on their website.

12. Are there any upfront costs associated with working with Albright Construction?

No, there are no upfront costs associated with working with Albright Construction.

13. Can I see examples of Albright Construction’s past projects?

Yes, Albright Construction has a portfolio of past projects on their website and can provide additional examples upon request.

14. Will Albright Construction handle all necessary permits and inspections?

Yes, Albright Construction will handle all necessary permits and inspections for the project.

15. Can I make changes to my project during the construction process?

Yes, you can make changes to your project during the construction process, but additional costs may apply.

16. How often will Albright Construction update me on the progress of my project?

Albright Construction will provide regular updates on the progress of the project and will be available to answer any questions you may have during the process.

17. Will Albright Construction clean up the job site after the project is complete?

Yes, Albright Construction will clean up the job site after the project is complete.

18. Will I be able to provide feedback on the project as it progresses?

Yes, Albright Construction encourages customer feedback throughout the construction process.

19. What happens if I am not satisfied with the completed project?

Albright Construction strives to ensure customer satisfaction and will work to address any concerns you may have with the completed project.

20. Does Albright Construction have any reviews or testimonials from past customers?

Yes, Albright Construction has reviews and testimonials from past customers that can be found on their website or on third-party review sites.

21. What kind of payment options does Albright Construction accept?

Albright Construction accepts a range of payment options, including cash, check, credit, and financing.

22. Can Albright Construction provide design services for my project?

Yes, Albright Construction can provide design services for your project or can work with a designer of your choice.

23. Will Albright Construction obtain all necessary materials and supplies for the project?

Yes, Albright Construction will obtain all necessary materials and supplies for the project.

24. Does Albright Construction offer any guarantees on their workmanship?

Yes, Albright Construction guarantees their workmanship and will address any issues that may arise after the project is complete.

25. Is Albright Construction able to work on historic or older properties?

Yes, Albright Construction has experience working on historic and older properties and can provide specialized services to address any unique challenges.

For information on construction companies in the United States, check out Albright Construction and others listed on this site.

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