Arpist is a high performance music app for iOS, combining a world class arpeggiator with song sequencing and musical transposition features.

Arpist has been designed for easy operation to work with your performance, rather than against it.

Arpist augments the capabilities of existing MIDI hardware and integrates with any CoreMIDI compliant app on iOS.


Features at a Glance

Robust MIDI Support

  • App-to-app MIDI
  • Supports CoreMIDI-compliant iOS hardware
  • Supports Network MIDI over WiFi
  • Send and Receive MIDI Clock
  • MIDI Learn for MIDI Remote Control of Arpist parameters
  • Send Start/Stop playback commands

Performance Parameters

  • Tap Tempo | 20 – 500 BPM
  • Rate | Whole Note – 1/64th triplet
  • Gate | 0 – 100%
  • +/- 4 Octaves
  • Hold / Add incoming notes

Song Controls

  • Use Song Blocks to automate through sets of parameter values
  • Set a unique number of beats to each Song Block
  • Pitch quantization for all Major and Minor keys
  • Diatonic and chromatic transposition
  • Velocity Range and Randomizer
  • Swing Amount

Nuance & Style

  • Set each step to play loud, soft or be skipped
  • Retrigger patterns on any step
  • Render chord hits on any step
  • Pre-configure note sequences with integrated virtual keyboard
  • Use integrated virtual keyboard to play live